A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Skate around town to collect arcade tokens! Collect enough and you win! Just because!



  • Move - Left Stick
  • Camera - Right Stick
  • Zoom - Shoulder Triggers
  • Jump - A
  • Dab (while grinding) - X
  • Release Mouse - Start

Keyboard / Mouse

  • Move - WASD / Arrows
  • Camera - Mouse
  • Zoom - MWheel
  • Jump - Space / KP_0
  • Dab (while grinding) - LShift / RShift
  • Release Mouse - Esc
  • F6 - Toggle low res ("potato") mode. Great for laptops!


  • We re-used our player model from our failed LD40 game, that is the only reused asset.
  • We were going to have a better ending / win condition but time restraints. The ending was supposed to be that you "sacrifice" your arcade tokens to gain access to the credits area. Instead we just disabled the timer and let you freeplay.
  • We had plans to add multiple grinding and air tricks but due to time, the only trick is dabbing while grinding.


  • Colby Klein - Art, Programming
  • Landon Manning - Programming, SFX
  • Jackson Drummond - Music


  • v1.01: Added low res ("potato mode") toggle on F6.
  • v1.02: Fixed a very bad performance bug. How did this run?


offtherails_ld43_v102-win32.zip 12 MB
offtherails_ld43_v102.love 12 MB

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